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Lost Canyon

This steep-walled ravine contains animal-shaped formations made from sandstone. 


Some 19,000 years ago, glacial meltwaters cut through sandstone, leaving unique rock formations locals say are shaped like animals. An eagle with outstretched wings is widely remarked as the most recognizable naturally-carved sandstone shape. Other shapes include a dinosaur, an elephant, and an alligator.

Moss and ferns dot the sides of the sandstone, and gorges get narrower the further in you go, giving it a tunnel-like quality. Wildlife such as raccoons can be seen even during the day tucked away in the holes on the sides of the canyon.

This area is the furthest south in North America where the Eastern or Canadian Hemlock Pine can be found, its seeds having traveled with glaciers, and visitors can enjoy seeing its tiny pine cones.

Know Before You Go

The canyon is best experienced via horse drawn carriage because of nearby water runoff and large puddles covering some areas of the road.  The sandstone gorges are relatively cool, and overhangs can drip water on passersby, so recommend wearing a hat.

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