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Mad Max 2 Museum

Silverton, Australia

This shrine to film's most iconic wasteland wanderer is located in the very outback where the movies were shot. 


After one man’s obsession with the Road Warrior films led him to move to the Australian setting he had so long fantasized about, he went one step further and established the Mad Max 2 Museum, a lovingly crowded collection of real and handmade props and ephemera from the films.

Open since 2010, the museum is the work of one Adrian Bennett who saw the films Mad Max and Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and was instantly changed. After seeing the movies he became obsessed with finding out all he could about them, searching for props and other artifacts like a wastelander searches for gas. His obsession eventually led him to move to Silverton, Australia, one of the places where the films actually shot. It was here that he established his museum, putting his extensive Mad Max collection of display and outfitting his yard like a post-apocalyptic shack.

The museum features an assortment of full-size costumes and props as well as an extensive collection of photographs and production stills, but the gems of the collection have to be the working replica cars, one of which was actually used as the Road Warrior’s car. The Interceptor-style cars can even be seen driving around Silverton from time to time.

While there is not a working Thunderdome (likely because that did not come into play until the third film), with a reboot of the popular post-apocalyptic franchise in the works, Bennett’s Mad Max 2 Museum may be set to become a desert hot spot anyway.     

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