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Madman's Window

It is said a heartbroken man visited the gap every day to stare blankly out at the sea. 


Walking along the Glenarm Coastal Path, a few miles south of the village of Glenarm, you’ll come across two large limestone boulders. On the far side of these boulders is the “Madman’s Window,” a naturally created, window-shaped gap in the rock looking out towards the Irish Sea.

The geological oddity gets its nickname from a local tale about a man from the village who lost his sweetheart in the waters of Glenarm Bay. It is said that after this terrible accident, the heartbroken man, losing grip on his sanity, visited the rocky hole on a daily basis to stare blankly through the gap and out to sea, apparently waiting for his sweetheart to return to him.

Know Before You Go

When you park at the car park for the Glenarm Coastal Path and head to the farthest point on the path to the south, you will come across the first large boulder. At this point, continue walking on the roadside instead of walking over the large grass slope. Keep to the left of the road until you see the Madman's Window boulders to your left. Then jump up onto the grassy area of the site.

You can get to the Glenarm Coastal Path either by car or bicycle. The nearest bus route will take you into Glenarm village itself.

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