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Manhattan Avenue Street End Park

Once a dumping spot, now a park with a kayak launch. 


Formerly a spot known for illegal dumping, it was once littered with abandoned cars and all manner of castaway refuse.

The area saw a major clean up when the Manhattan Avenue Street End Park was created by the City of New York in connection with the conversion of the nearby GMDC building during the 1990’s. Featuring a Kayak launch and plantings, this has become a popular spot for Greenpointers to walk their dogs, hang out by the Newtown Creek, or just relax.

This was the Brooklyn landing of the Vernon Avenue Bridge. The drawbridge carried Manhattan Avenue vehicle and trolley traffic to Vernon Avenue in Long Island City on the Queens side of Newtown Creek, with the turnaround barn for the trolley directly across the street from the Chelsea Fiber Mills (no known as GMDC). Although the bridge was rebuilt several times over the years, it was finally removed in the 1950’s when the nearby Pulaski Bridge opened.

Locals have been known to fish for crabs in the Newtown creek despite a warning about dangers of eating fish and other wildlife from the creek. 

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