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Margalef, Spain

An isolated village literally built into the crevices and rock formations of a mountain. 


Ecotourism brings specific images to mind. Hiking wilderness trails. Sleeping in a pile of leaves. Shacking up in an underwater hotel with a view of the ocean floor. But seldom do these notions intersect with extreme sports.

Margalef is the exception.

Nestled in a remote and fantastically climbable conglomerate rock formation, Margalef is a tiny town of quaint houses and understated accommodations. The town is literally tucked in the crevices of the mountainous rocks that surround it, sometimes with only a few feet of space between someone’s front door and the solid rock across from it.

This all adds up to be a rock climber’s dream destination, combining the enriching atmosphere of a rustic village with a truly unique and remote climbing destination. At times, the rocks one is climbing over and on top of are actually people’s homes, carved directly into the stone.

Margalef is ideal for both types of ecotourists, of course, not just the extreme sports fans. People looking to get back to nature and experience a lifestyle that’s literally a part of nature will find Margalef just as charming as climbers find it intriguing and challenging.

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July 4, 2012

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