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Mausoleum of Nestor Kirchner

Río Gallegos, Argentina

An imposing mausoleum that houses the remains of the former Argentinian president.  


This burial site was built in 2011, a year after Kirchner’s death at 60, who was president of Argentina between 2003 and 2007. The structure is 42 feet (13 meters) high and 49 feet (15 meters) wide. 

Visitors can access the mausoleum through a giant wooden door, then up the spiral stairs that lead to the first floor. From there, visitors can look down and observe the sarcophagus where the remains of the former president rest. The tomb has an Argentinian flag, a rosary, and plastic flowers.

Outside the mausoleum is a garden with a fence surrounding the complex. The garden has a flagpole, a fountain, two eternal flames, and a giant triangular monument representing Argentinian territory.

Know Before You Go

Taking pictures or recording videos inside the mausoleum is completely banned. Sometimes you will have to wait in a queue if there are too many visitors, as only small groups are allowed inside.

Before entering you will be frisked by security guards and you have to leave your cellphone under their custody during your visit.

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