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Morris Press Cookbook Store

Kearney, Nebraska

Inside this magical collection, you can buy recipes cooked up by church ladies, motorcycle clubs, and clowns. 


Nestled among the farmlands of Kearney, Nebraska, lies a cookbook wonderland with titles penned by everyone from church ladies to soap opera stars to gay clowns. Morris Press Cookbooks is the United States’ largest community cookbook publisher, and if there’s a community—no matter how niche—they’ve probably published a cookbook for it. 

Morris Press’s origins date back to the 1930s when the company opened as a general printer and office-supply store. Commercial printing had always been a strong part of the business, but the company eventually pivoted its focus to cookbooks produced by local communities, such as church groups, schools, or social clubs, looking to raise funds for various charitable causes. Over time, their catalog expanded to cover a staggering array of lifestyles and geographical regions.

The company’s headquarters also features an on-site bookstore that serves as an outlet for surplus books. The shelves are organized into sections on families (including anniversary and wedding cookbooks), single-subjects (such as titles focused on blueberry or lavender), churches, pets (there are often several copies of Bone Appetit to raise money for humane society chapters), and the 50 states.

If you are in the market for recipes cooked up by a motorcycle club, quilting group, or cemetery association, this is the place to go. 

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September 15, 2021

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