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Camelback bridges were primarily built in Michigan and Ontario. Sadly, many have been lost over the years to decay, neglect, and replacement. But the Mottville Camelback Bridge managed to survive.

The structure is the longest camelback bridge built in Michigan. The 270-foot-long bridge was constructed in 1922 and has three identical 90-foot spans over the St. Joseph River.

After the bridge was replaced by a more modern structure, it began a new life as a pedestrian and non-motorized vehicle overpass. It has been preserved and documented for historical purposes. A state historic marker and small paved parking area is located on the west shore of the river and includes a walkway beneath the structure. 

A favorite feature of these camelback bridges is the curved design, which adds grace and beauty to the structure. As few of these beautiful bridges remain, any efforts to preserve them are greatly appreciated by historians and bridge aficionados. 

Know Before You Go

Extra caution should be taken when wandering beneath the bridge, as this area can be slippery and particularly hazardous during flood events.

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