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Musee Robert Tatin

Cossé-le-Vivien, France

A self-built mosaic house and sculpture park. 


Robert Tatin was the third in a line of Frenchmen who became obsessed with creating his own astounding living environment. Like Postman Cheval and Raymond Isidore before him, Robert Tatin too had a vision.

Tatin had worked as a sculptor, painter, architect, ceramicist, and poet, as well as a tailor, baker, carpenter, decorator, coal-man, and bartender. Tatin also traveled extensively and married five times. Five was the right number and he and his wife together created the Musee Robert Tatin, a house and museum of his elaborate sculptural work.

Know Before You Go

2nd visit august 2016Good restauration work in colour, looks good.great tribute to his place

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