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Museumsinsel Hombroich

Neuss, Germany

Be it nature, art, or abandoned military architecture this eclectic German "museum" has you covered. 


Part art museum, part nature park, the Museumsinsel Hombroich presents architecture, modern art, and nature in harmony with one another.

Founded in 1982 on 62 acres of German meadowland, the museum invites visitors to meander through the well-tended grounds and experience the collection of buildings and contemporary art pieces in quiet contemplation. The natural park contains eleven permanent exhibition spaces scattered across the expansive area of the museum. Each exhibition pavilion is a unique architectural work and either contains a collection of artworks or is left empty to better highlight the architecture itself. Within the borders of the park there are other attractions as well, such as the “Pink House,” a historical residence built in 1816 and literally painted pink, and the “raketenstation,” which is a former NATO missile base that has been refurbished and now houses a number of independent artists and provides them with a beautiful backdrop to work against.

Pairing minimalist structures with the simple beauty of nature seems like a no-brainer and the Museumsinsel Hombroich is proof that the grown and the constructed can coexist as a cohesive whole. The joining of the two worlds brings out the art in nature and the natural in art.       

Know Before You Go

Autobahn A57, Exit Neuss-Reuschenberg, follow the directories or take the No 869 or 872 Bus from Neuss/Bus station

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