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National Leprechaun Museum

A museum that cashes in on its infamous little people while teaching you a thing or two about the Irish fey. 


The National Leprechaun Museum in Dublin is the first and only of its kind.

It may be named after the wee little men with a pot of gold, but the museum is not focused merely on the worldwide fame of the Lucky Charms mascot. This one of a kind museum features exhibits on all kinds of folklore and mythology, bringing to life the long history of the faeries and other Irish legends.

 By day, this family friendly museum is a lighthearted journey through the myths of the Emerald Isle. The exhibits include the history of the leprechaun from the first sighting in the 8th century to Walt Disney’s visit to Ireland, where he found the inspiration for his 1959 film, Darby O’Gill and the Little People. The tour includes rooms full of incredibly over-sized furniture and other optical illusions, as well as an exhibit that features rainbows and pots of gold after a rain shower. Still others reveal cautionary tales, like what happens when you try to catch a leprechaun and additional stories of mishaps and tragedy like the Children of Lir. The tour mixes predictable exploitation of the infamous little legend with mysteries such as Newgrange and other lesser known Irish myths. It ends in an all-too-bright gift shop full of tourist fare and glitter.

 The National Leprechaun museum is a wholesome and family friendly excursion, unless you take advantage of the after hours production of “The Dark Lands”. This night time adventure is led through the dark by guides who act out the bawdier and more adult themes found in Irish legends and is not suitable for small children. Audience participation is required in these evening shows.







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