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Norwegian Petroleum Museum

An impressive museum dedicated to the resource that made the Scandinavian country rich. 


The Norwegian Petrol Museum is dedicated to exploring how “black gold” changed Norway—not just the country’s economy, but its society. There, you can learn about every aspect of the industry. The museum has a range of exhibits, from models and films, to original objects from the extraction process and interactive exhibits where visitors can experience what life is like on an oil rig. Perhaps the most eye-catching exhibit is the “leg” of an oil rig that was destroyed. The twisted remains convey the force of the destruction and the real perils of the industry. 

Other interesting exhibits include an underwater diving machine used during the construction of oil rigs, which visitors can climb into. 

Stavanger is the oil hub of Norway, so the museum is a must-see visit for anyone visiting, and is much more interesting than its industrial focus might suggest. 

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