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Original Taco Bell Sign

This twisty sign depicts the chain's first logo. 


Drivers might do a double-take on seeing this particular version of the Taco Bell sign, located in Savannah, Georgia. Older fast-food aficionados, though, would recognize it as the Mexican-inspired chain’s first logo.

The brightly colored shapes suggest a figure wearing a large sombrero and a serape, sitting on a tilted bell. This logo was in use for the first 10 years of Taco Bell’s existence, from 1962 to 1972. For the next few years after that, the company’s official logo was simply blocky letters reading “TACO BELL.” The first version of the recognizable bell design used today debuted in 1984, though it’s gotten a lot more minimalist with each redesign. 

Most Taco Bells adopted newer signage over the decades, but not this one. The actual restaurant is actually in the next lot over these days, but the sign is still in its original spot.

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The sign is located between the Arby’s and the Wendy’s, just off E Victory Drive.  

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