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Penis Fountain is permanently closed.

Penis Fountain

Amsterdam's Red Light District leaves little to the imagination. 


Amsterdam is a city of permissions and tolerance, and home of one of the most famous red light districts in the world. Tourists flock from all around to indulge in, or at least gawk at the ladies of all nationalities flaunting their wares in showcase windows up and down the street.

Besides the oldest profession, all kinds of pleasures are offered, dealers of mind-altering substances name their price, and if you don’t watch your wallet closely, you’re likely to lose it. Still, it is a popular stop on the Amsterdam itinerary.

Despite being a delightful den of debauchery after the sun goes down, one can’t help but be drawn to the area during the daytime as well, to stroll its lovely canals, enjoy the oddly-angled architecture, and sample the eateries as live music fills the streets.

While the daylight tends to make window-shopping less appealing, there is a monument to the neighborhood’s main offering that shouldn’t be missed, and is best viewed in the light of day, as the water-powered spinning testicles are removed at night to avoid theft.

The penis fountain may seem smaller in photos than in person, but it’s impressive nonetheless. While there are many things in the red light district you aren’t allowed to photograph, the fountain presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity for some fun photos just to show where you’ve been.

Update: The city of Amsterdam forced the sex show responsible for the fountain, Casa Rosso, to remove it.

Update as of December 2019: Casa Roso confirmed that the city will not allow for the fountain to be placed back after the renovations of the street. There are no plans to set it up elsewhere.  

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