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Polo's Taqueria

Some of Arizona's best spit-roasted tacos al pastor can be found at a weekend swap meet. 


Part of the joy of swap meets is not knowing what you’ll find. Get to the Tohono O’odham Swap Meet early enough, however, and you know you’ll find some of Arizona’s best tacos al pastor every weekend at Polo’s Taqueria.

Polo’s is one of the few places around that cooks their pork on a traditional trompo, a vertical rotisserie of pork slivers marinated in red adobo paste and crowned with a thick chunk of pineapple that slowly melts into the perfectly juicy meat as the stack turns.

Try Polo’s taco al pastor or the equally beloved carne asada on a taco, on a sope, or in a burrito with one of the homemade sauces. The red morita sauce adds a sour, spicy kick, while the salsa verde brightens things up with cilantro and green tomatoes. Cool off in a shaded eating area with Mexican soda from a glass bottle.

The swap meet that Polo’s calls home is also host to a sampling of diverse fare, from Salvadorian pupusas to local honey to boiled pig skin. Yet, at $1.50 a piece, the tacos are the market’s one true food beacon. Get there for an early taco breakfast before the trompo runs empty and the sun runs hot.

Know Before You Go

They're only open on weekends and close when the food runs out. Bring cash.

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