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Precious Blood Cemetery

This cemetery is home to numerous granite headstones that are works of art unto themselves.  


While the precious Blood Cemetery has many modest headstones, there are a handful that rivals some of the greatest works of granite artwork created.

One of the most notable burial sites inside the cemetery is the Aram Pothier’s family mausoleum. Pothier was a six-time governor of Rhode Island and served numerous terms until his death in 1928. He was once the town’s most notable resident. Also buried in the cemetery is Canadian-American Roman Catholic mystic and stigmatist Marie Rose Ferron.

For much of Ferron’s life, it’s said wounds associated with the death of Jesus Christ would appear on her body every Friday. This continued until her death. Her grave is located toward the far right after entering the cemetery. 

In the Orthodox Church of America and Ukraine, Ferron has been glorified. This is often considered the first step toward achieving sainthood. There is also a shrine dedicated to her in Taylor, Michigan.

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