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Proleek Dolmen

A mysterious Neolithic tomb is perched along the edge of a modern golf course. 


Viewing this Neolithic megalith is like stepping into the past without a time machine. The looming stone structure stands along the edge of a golf course, adding a touch of ancient mystique to an otherwise modern setting.

The Proleek Dolmen, which resembles a mini Stonehenge, was built sometime around 3000 BC. The portal tomb takes the shape of a massive table, and it once sheltered cremated remains and items like beads and pottery. It’s one of the best-preserved tombs of its kind in all of Ireland.

Legend says a great Scottish giant named Parrah Boug McShagean carried the dolmen to Ireland as he invaded the country. The mega-sized man challenged an Irish giant named Fionn mac Cumhail to a fight and was defeated after drinking from the nearby river, which the Irish native had poisoned. Supposedly, the Scottish giant was buried in the enormous wedge tomb located nearby.

Another local legend says the dolmen will bring good luck to anyone who manages to land three consecutive stones atop it. As such, the tomb’s capstone is covered with little rocks and pebbles. A similar legend says anyone whose stones stick will be married within a year.

Know Before You Go

The dolmen is at the north end of Ballmasconlon House resort. The website says you can access it from the hotel and walk about to it. Just east of it (about half a mile from the entrance) along the R173 you will pass the Milgrove stables and the next turn will take you north onto an unnamed road. Travel north about one mile until you see a drive with a bridge over a brook, that’s the entrance to the right of way. You can NOT pull into the drive so find a safe place along the road to park, it might be a short walk away. When you cross the bridge (by foot) stay left and just up the hill you will see the stile and path at the edge of the golf course. Once you reach the golf course you will see the dolmen and tomb in plain sight. There are small signs with info.

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