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Proscenium Theatre

This little theatre at the end of the Urban Gallery in the Manitoba Museum plays silent films from stars who performed in Winnipeg. 


The Manitoba Museum’s “Urban” Gallery brings to life Winnipeg as it once was in the 1920s. Towards the end of this gallery, the Proscenium Theatre with its warm lights and cozy seating is a favorite of not only this unique area but the museum as a whole. 

Enjoy the silent films that play on the silver screen featuring two of the most famous stars of the era: Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Right across from the museum is the Pantages Playhouse Theatre, the only original vaudeville house that still hosts live performances. Stan Laurel performed in this location and Buster Keaton appeared on the Pantages circuit more than once alongside his family. In addition, Groucho Marx famously met Charlie Chaplin for the first time at the Empress Theatre in Winnipeg.

Though there was no theatre of this name in Winnipeg, the stylistic influence from theatres of the era from around the city - particularly the Metropolitan, Winnipeg’s original Allen Theatre, is beautifully realized. The Proscenium provides a fascinating glimpse into the city’s history with vaudeville and the performing arts. 

Know Before You Go

The Manitoba Museum is located across the street from Winnipeg's City Hall and adjacent to the Centennial Concert Hall. 
For more information about planning a visit, please refer to the museum's website detailing information regarding the venues, admission, and parking options available:

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