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Pyramid of Merkine

Varėnos rajono savivaldybė, Lithuania

The pyramid and dome deep inside the Dzūkija forest are believed to channel divine energy.  


Deep inside the Dzūkija National Park in Lithuania is an odd glass dome that protects a pyramid. The pyramid marks the spot where in 1990, a young boy and his family are thought to have experienced a miracle, and today the pyramid and dome are believed to channel divine energy.

The boy, named Povilas Zekas, was seven years old at the time of the miracle. While he was in church in the town of Merkine one day, he was told by a mysterious voice that he would have the gift of divine conversation from then on. The story goes that people who heard his claim were skeptical, but a miracle of light and divinity changed their minds.

In 2002, Zekas, who became a biologist, built a pyramid with an aluminum frame a few feet away from the exact spot of the revelation, marked by a grassy knoll. The pyramid, protected by a glass dome added in 2009, is open for visitors to experience the extraordinary energy.

The site has become a sort of New Age Mecca. Thousands of people from all faiths visit each year to meditate inside this structure. Visitors have reported that their spirits have been lifted or even having experienced a miracle of healing or personal success after their visits. The dome works as a huge echo chamber so if nothing else happens, you will experience overwhelming sound effects inside, since every sound or step is instantly amplified.

Know Before You Go

You need your own transportation to visit the dome. It is open daily between 9 AM and 9 PM.

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