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Red Sea Star is permanently closed.

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Red Sea Star

Eilat, Israel

Underwater restaurant at the coral reefs of Eilat. 


There are few places to dine where the table next to you is a colorful school of fish passing, and a window next to your silverware leads out to the Red Sea. Each table of the restaurant has two large windows, one at its side, and one above the table. At night, the coral gardens around the Red Sea Star are softly illuminated with a light, designed not to disturb the fragile eco-system.

The Red Sea Star is a combination of two areas, one above and one below the surface. Above the surface, there is the Metro Bar, which offers great views of the Gulf of Aqaba. Below the surface, the underwater area roughly resembles the shape of a star, hence the name of the place. Besides an underwater restaurant, the complex also holds an underwater bar with a similar decoration, including a floor covered in sand to complete the sea experience.

Ten years ago, when it was created, it was the world’s first and only underwater restaurant. Although its design is probably a bit over-the-top in its “under the sea“ theme, it nevertheless remains one of the most unique restaurants in Israel.

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Eilat, Mehoz HaDarom, Israel

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