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Retro Museum

The Grand Mall in Varna hosts one of the biggest collections of Soviet-era paraphernalia in Bulgaria. 


Inside this museum, visitors are afforded the opportunity to observe many items and common objects that hail from 1945-1989. Many were commonplace in Bulgarian households. The museum comprises about 4,000 square meters and gives visitors a realistic account of life in communist-era Bulgaria. 

In addition to Bulgarian items, there are also cosmetics from Poland, cars from the former Soviet Union, technical appliances from East-Germany, and cigarettes from the former nation of Yugoslavia. A major part of the collection is devoted to cars, some are true rarities such as limousines that belonged to Politburo members of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

The entire collection belongs to businessman Tsvetan Atanasov, who opened the museum to the public in 2015.

Know Before You Go

The museum can be visited during the Grand Mall opening hours. Expect to spend around two hours inside. 

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