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Rubik R-26 Góbé

KÖKI Terminál

A giant glider—designed by the father of the Rubik's Cube's designer—now soars within a shopping mall. 


You are probably familiar with the Rubik’s cube, one of the most famous Hungarian inventions of all time. It was made by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik and more than 350 million had been sold worldwide, making it one of the bestselling toys ever.

What significantly fewer people know, is that Ernő Rubik Sr. was also an inventor, but in a slightly different field. He designed the shoulder-wing training glider known as the Rubik R-26 Góbé.

First flown in 1961, the Góbé was one of the most utilized training aircraft in Hungary, one of the most famous inventions in the country. Fifteen of the aircraft were transported to Cuba, but a few also exist in the United Kingdom and Australia. The Góbé was capable of the flat-spin maneuver and beginner pilots were trained for decades on the two-seated Góbé.

Naturally, when it came to the renovation of Budapest’s closest shopping mall to the airport in 2021, they decided to decorate their building with a full-size functional Góbé on the ceiling.

The Góbé is so huge compared to the mall. Visitors will find very interesting technical specifications printed out next to the craft. There is even a video about how this Góbé was installed in the mall by scanning the QR code on the information sheet. 

Know Before You Go

Góbé is installed in KÖKI Terminál, which is the southernmost station of the M3 metro line. You can also reach it easily by train or various bus lines. As it is between the airport and the city center, you might want to check it out when coming to, or leaving the city.

Once inside KÖKI, go to the second floor, you can't miss it.

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December 17, 2021

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