Sanctuary of Truth – Pattaya, Thailand - Atlas Obscura

The days of grand cathedral building, and constructing ornately detailed temples are on the wane in today’s world. New megachurches often lack the beauty of religious institutions of the past, and new temples tend toward functionality rather than grandiosity.

The Sanctuary of Truth is an exception to the rule, with a curious modern take on classic Thai temple architecture. Began in 1981, as a reaction to the Cold War, according to the temple philosophy, as egotistical people attempted to tear the world apart using modern technology, the temple would serve as a counterpoint.

The Sanctuary of Truth towers 345 feet above the beach and covers 3,200 square meters. Every inch of the temple is carved delicately out of wood and manages to bring together a number of disparate beliefs of Southeast Asia. Each inch features a carved wooden sculpture, which are said to reflect the ancient knowledge of the world.

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