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Sapindya Mahadev Temple

An ancient temple of Lord Shiva was rediscovered in an excavation in 2003. 


The neighborhood of Kasba Peth is said to be the oldest place in Pune and is believed to be the birthplace of the city. It was here that the now-extinct Hissar Fort once stood, enclosing the settlement of Kasabe Pune. Among the lanes of Kasba Peth, one often comes across curious relics from the past, quaintly hidden, waiting to be rediscovered.

Next to Kasba Peth Fire Station, there is a matha. Also known as a mutth, this is a Hindu monastery. Within the premises of this matha is an old temple of Lord Shiva called Sapindya Mahadev Temple. (Mahadev is another name for Lord Shiva.)

Experts believe that this temple dates back to 1868. Eventually it got buried under rubble and went below ground level. It was rediscovered during an excavation operation in 2003. Today it sits in a wonderful little cavity-like pocket in the ground, with a flight of stairs going down towards it. 

The temple has Hemadpanthi architectural style and measures approximately 10 feet by 10 feet. On the temple spire there are carvings of snakes and the symbol of Om. In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is also called Nageshwar, which means Lord of the Snakes.

The temple is truly a hidden gem right in the middle of the city in its oldest area. Such places are a delight to rediscover and explore.

Know Before You Go

The temple is located within the premises of Baba Balak Nath Matha in Kasba Peth. Next to Kasba Peth Fire Station on Veer Santaji Ghorpade Road, there is a small lane. The approach to the Matha is from the inner portion of this lane. Kindly ask for permission from the Matha authorities while visiting.

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