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Selee Satanic Mill Marker

Easton, Massachusetts

A sign marks the location of an 18th-century sawmill allegedly owned by a wizard who employed Satanic imps. 


Nestled among the bushes within a small residential neighborhood is a sign that reads “Mill Pond.” Markers indicating nearby bodies of water are nothing unusual, but the description on this one reveals something truly peculiar: A legend which has become part of local folklore over the centuries.

The story begins around 1755, when Easton, Massachusetts was a growing community, and John Selee set up a sawmill to supply the town with lumber for construction. The business was successful, and John intended to pass it on to his son, Nathan. However, Nathan was a brooding young man who aspired for other things in life. There were rumors he had an interest in the dark arts. According to legend, the Devil visited Nathan one night and asked Nathan to follow him into the nearby swamp.

Nathan followed, taking one of his magic books with him. Upon opening the book, a ferocious storm erupted, which frightened Nathan. He ran back to his house and tossed the book into the lit fireplace, causing the storm to stop. The Devil was furious and attempted to follow Nathan back to his house, but while crossing the swamp, the Devil slipped and almost fell, scattering some stones he was carrying. The Devil stood on a rock, leaving a large footprint behind which allegedly can be seen to this day.

Shortly after, Satanic imps purportedly began appearing to work at the mill in the dead of night. Local Easton resident Tam O’Shanter was walking one night when he saw the sawmill operating in the dark with strange, unearthly sounds coming from it. He was terrified, and rumors began circulating of an unholy pact Nathan had made with the Devil. The sawmill itself closed in 1792 and slowly rotted away, being reclaimed by the wilderness. Nathan himself died in 1815 at the age of 82, and is buried in a small cemetery nearby.

The Selee Satanic Mill Marker is one of the many stories around the area called the mysterious “Bridgewater Triangle.” If you have an interest in local folklore with a supernatural twist, the marker and cemetery are certainly worth a visit.

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Nathan Selee's headstone can be found in the John Selee Cemetery down the street from the marker. It is in the far right corner of the cemetery, directly across from the mailbox at 18 Mill Street.

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