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Sigmund Freud Museum

The former private quarters and office of Dr. Sigmund Freud now hosts a museum housing the works of the founding father of psychoanalysis. 


For 47 years, the controversial neurologist and pioneer of psychoanalysis lived and worked in the house at Berggasse 19. 

While his famous couch resides in the Freud Museum in London, along with many of the original furnishings from the Berggasse house, what remains is the precious legacy the good doctor left behind. Most of his writings were conjured here, and the rooms have been converted into archives of his life and works.

Along with the lion’s share of Freud’s papers, the museum houses his impressive antique collection, and many of his personal items are located in what used to be his waiting room. Exhibitions display his influence on art and society, and attached to the museum are 35,000 volumes of psychoanalytic research, the largest library of its kind in Europe.

Opened in 1971 by the Sigmund Freud Society with his youngest daughter Anna present, the museum now lies in the hands of the Sigmund Freud Foundation. The foundation hosts the Sigmund Freud Lecture every year on May 6th, the doctor’s birthday. While it is not the most colorful museum dedicated to the man, students and scholars will find it to be a suitable place to examine original documents and experience the few film and sound recordings made of Freud and his family.

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