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Skrzyńsko Parish Church

Skrzyńsko, Poland

Legend says a giant, venomous spider once dwelled within this Polish church.  


Skrzyńsko is a small village about 60 miles south of Warsaw. For years, its church has been the focal point for those traveling to attend mass in that area. But according to legend, people aren’t the only creatures to frequent the sacred spot.

According to the local lore, the church was once also home to a half-kilogram spider called “Pająk pół kilo.” The arachnid made a home for itself in the church attic, right above the priest’s dining table. Over the years, it grew larger and more venomous.

The story goes that the spider would often hang from the ceiling, drops of venom dripping from its fangs down onto the table below, where it poisoned the priest’s food. Though not immediately deadly, this process killed the priest slowly, leading to the mysterious death of an otherwise healthy man.

The townsfolk did not think anything of it, and a new priest arrived. Unfortunately, the same thing happened a few more times, with multiple priests dying within the span of a few years.

The townsfolk became suspicious and decided to investigate the church. To their horror, they found an enormous spider on the attic that was now constantly drooling its venom. Fortunately, they were able to easily kill the giant arachnid. The spider’s corpse was said to have been kept in the town hall, where it was set up for display, but it was supposedly lost during World War I.

Though this story is likely a cautionary tale against allowing spiders to live in people’s homes, it’s an interesting legend nonetheless. Giant spider or not, the church is still worth a visit. It’s a beautiful pre-war building with typical Polish architecture. Step inside, and you’ll find a wall covered with crutches, necklaces, and rings, all given to the church after someone experienced a miraculous healing.

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The church is open daily, with mass on Sunday.

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