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Slingshot Museum

Albenga, Italy

A slingshot from this delightful collection is awarded each year to someone who has "pulled metaphorical slings in favor of the weak and marginalized." 


It’s hard to say what could be more intriguing than walking down the narrow pathways of Albenga, searching the Italian city for hidden secrets. For many, the beautiful and historic architecture may be excitement enough, but those who are lucky enough to stumble upon the tiny and ramshackle but delightful “Slingshot Museum” know what the others are really missing out on.

The Slingshot Museum, which is really an artist collective, is easy to pass by without noticing, but hard to pass on once one does. A step inside the la Cantina Degli Artisti reveals the artist and curator himself, Dino, who, although he speaks no language other than Italian, is able to express the passion he has for his work to anyone who stops by.

The hundreds and hundreds of slingshots on display are not just a wonderfully specific collection, but part of a symbolic prize awarded to “those who in life have pulled metaphorical slings in favor of the weak and marginalized, those who fight against the abuses and hypocrisy.”

The first “Slingshot Prize of Wood” was awarded in 2007 to Antonio Ricci, the creator of Striscia la Notizia, a political satire show. Now, Dino gives out a slingshot from his delightful collection annually.   

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June 28, 2017

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