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Springkällan (The Spring)

Rättvik V, Sweden

An oil drilling mistake created this fountain that has been spraying water for over 150 years.  


Due to a massive meteor impact several millions of years ago, the land inside the Siljan Ring is rich in resources and potentially oil in the lower layers. This was known by petroleum companies as far back as the late 19th-century.

Many locals were hired to drill for oil in various places inside the crater. This was a physically demanding, but lucrative job. It’s said it wasn’t uncommon for drillers to pour kerosene in their boreholes to keep up the hopes of the company. However, nothing substantial was found and drilling eventually stopped. 

In another incident, a group dug too deep and hit a natural underground water reservoir that was under pressure. Water erupted and continued to gush from the hole. The company tried closing up the hole, but never quite managed to completely stop the water. The best they could do was install a plug that limited the amount of water that came out and called it a day. Despite these attempts, the spring has been active since 1869. 

During that time it became a tourist attraction and a place of meditation. It’s especially beautiful during the winter when it creates large ice structures around itself. 

Know Before You Go

The spring is freely accessible. Just follow the Google maps marker. You will drive onto an unpaved road eventually that has a sign saying Springkällan. Keep going, but be aware, this is a single lane two-way road with side islands to pass each other. When you reach the parking lot under the power cables, follow the signs and cross the bridge. 

There is also a small wind shelter and picnic table at the site.

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