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Srpski Holywood

Boljkovci, Serbia

A Hollywood-sign replica with a typo on a remote hillside. 


The Hollywood sign, which stands on a hill overlooking Los Angeles, is one of the world’s most recognizable sites. (It was also never meant to be a permanent addition to the city’s skyline.) A continent away, on a grassy hill overlooking the small town of Rudnik, Serbia, there is a nearly identical sign. Only on close inspection does one notice the differences: The Serbian sign has just one L and reads in full “Serbian Holywood”—although “Serbian” appears in a much smaller font. 

The creation of local artist Ivan Jakovljević, also known as Ivo Tsar, the sign was an effort to draw attention to the town, as it can be seen from the highway, while also expressing his disillusionment with Hollywood’s focus on money over artistry.

The sign is surrounded by a swing, various sculptures and artworks, and a grassy field that is, once a year, the site of an open-air film festival featuring independent films both professional and amateur.

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The film festival generally takes place over several days in late July or early August. See the website for details

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