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Strawberry Drive-In

Uden, Netherlands

Drive past the giant fruit sculptures and up to the window for a menu of fruity treats. 


The town of Uden is known for its dark cherries. But Jan and Birgitte van den Elzen have transformed it into a must-stop for strawberry lovers with a drive-in devoted to all things berry.

The first sign you’re in a strawberry (aardbeien) haven will be the three giant sculptures plunked in the center of a local roundabout. A quick turn and you’ll find yourself at the Aardbeien Drive-In. After you pull up to the window, you can choose from an array of fruity treats, including waffles with strawberries, strawberry ice cream, strawberry smoothies, chocolate-covered strawberries, jams, and, of course, the fruit itself.

Before the drive-in, the van den Elzens, who grow the fruit themselves, ran a shop and strawberry vending machines (both of which are still open). After the popularity of their strawberries grew, they opened the drive-in down the road in 2018. 

Dutch strawberries are nicknamed zomerkoninkjes (“kings of summer”). One bite into these incredibly sweet fruits will tell you why.

Know Before You Go

The drive-in is open during peak strawberry season in Uden, from March through September. They advise driving up to the window instead of walking or cycling, for safety purposes. Pedestrians can visit their strawberry vending machines at Looweg 2, Uden, just down the street. The machines are also open later in the season (from April through December). 

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