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Swedish Coffee Pot Tower

Kingsburg, California

A water tower shaped like a giant coffee pot looms over a small Swedish village in Central California. 


You’d be forgiven for craving a cup of strong coffee when you pass through the town of Kingsburg, California, thanks to the enormous coffee pot towering above the street.

In the 1870s, a group of Swedish immigrants formed a settlement along the Central Pacific Railroad, which in 1908 officially became the town of Kingsburg. Today, more than a century after its founding, the town still celebrates its Swedish roots.

In the 1980s, the town decided to take an extra step to honor its founders by remodeling the old water tower. And what could be more Swedish than a giant Swedish coffee pot?

Swedes are famous for their love of coffee, as Sweden is one of the world’s biggest coffee consuming countries. It’s a shame this enormous coffee pot doesn’t hold actual java. If the 122-foot-tall coffee pot could tilt, it could pour 1.28 million cups of coffee.

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