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The Tallest Tree in Europe

Nicknamed "Karri Knight," this Eucalyptus was planted in 1895 and stands at 72 meters. 

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Hidden away in the Vale de Canas near Coimbra, yet fully accessible to the public, stands Europe’s tallest tree. This Eucalyptus diversicolor was planted in 1895 and survived devastating fires in 2005. It stands at 72 meters (236 feet)—taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

It’s worth noting that right next to “Karri Knight” stands the tallest Bunya Pine (Araucaria bidwillii) in the world, overshadowed by its neighbor.

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The tree can be accessed by its Google Maps location. There is a small parking area close to it, and from there it's a 15-minute walk.

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