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One of several Lilliputian portals that are ready to transport passengers to other dimensions, if they can find them. 


Cambridge is known as a town that cultivates critical thinking and innovation. It’s not a surprise that this fertile atmosphere would produce an aura of creativity and imagination. This type of environment inspired a group of guerrilla street artists to create this piece entitled “Teleport-o-Matic.” 

Located in a market square, nestled between two red phone boxes is a miniature version of these call boxes. “Teleport-o-Matic” mirrors its brethren in detail, color, and interior design, albeit on a much-reduced scale. In early 2019, the ‘Teleport-o-Matic” was severely damaged. Luckily, the anonymous artists have repaired it back to its original glory.

Dotted around this college town are several other miniature doors that are just as elaborate in detail. There are currently several similar installations in total. Each door is uniquely designed and represents the area in which it’s located.

The doorways began appearing in 2018 and are the work of an anonymous duo that goes by the name Dinky Doors. It has been reported that they crafted these art installations as a way to get the public to think of other worlds, and to make our world a happier place. In fact, their motto is to; “Save the World”, or at least a counterbalance to the negative aspects the planet produces on a daily basis.

The mini entryways measure about six inches in height and three inches in width. Some are quite easy to locate because they reflect the name of where they can be found. Due to their diminutive size, the doors are susceptible to theft and vandalism. One of the original doorways, “Roll On Blank Tapes,” was misappropriated, leaving the creators to surmise that the perpetrators may have taken it with them. 

The artist collective known as Dinky Doors prefers to remain unidentified to add a sense of mystery to their project, as well as to protect them from legal ramifications. The group has stated that they are committed to making the temporary entryways as innocuous as possible.

Know Before You Go

Because of their size, they can be quite difficult to spot. The website contains a map that will help in finding their locations.

The phone boxes are diagonally opposite the Snowy Farr sculpture. Look between the right-handmost two boxes.

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February 16, 2021

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