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Tham Sakkarin Savannakuha

Abandoned limestone cave was once a sacred place of worship. 


The Tham Sakkarin Savannakuha is an abandoned limestone cave founded in 1889 that holds the Wat Tham Xieng Maen, where local worshipers used to pay homage and cleanse Buddha images. Nowadays only the remains of these torched and decayed images remain.

The mouth of the cave is outlined by a large stone block entrance accompanied by plumeria trees and two large ruined spirit houses, which were once a shelter of the cave’s spirits. The iron gate at the entrance is locked, but if you inquire with the monks at the nearby monastery, Wat Long Khun, they will unlock it for you and you can walk through the long, dark, damp cave. A flashlight is highly recommended.

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Know Before You Go

Get tickets from Wat Long Khun Monastery, and a monk will guide you to the cave.

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