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The Big Pineapple

Woombye, Australia

A giant Australian fruit and tropical farm. 


Since its erection in 1971, the Big Pineapple has been a family attraction in Queensland. Children looked forward to the pilgrimage during vacations and it brought smiles to many along the Sunshine Coast.

In 2009, the 16-meter-high pineapple was closed off until further notice. Built as a tropical tourist attraction, the Big Pineapple has seen its share of hard times throughout its 40-year history. In 1978, the Pineapple burned down during an attempted robbery. The Pineapple was rebuilt within three months, and more work was put into the grounds and farms, including adding a train touring the area called the Big Pineapple Nutmobile.

13 years later, a tornado caused massive damage to the roof of the Pineapple. Once again, the Pineapple was restored and even more work was poured into creating a family-friendly attraction with fresh farm produce and a restaurant. Sadly over time, the Pineapple and its property turned over many times and owed $500,000 in taxes by 2009.

As always, the Big Pineapple could not be kept down for long. Negotiations in 2011 saw the Pineapple and farm territory sold to a company for $6 million. With the drive to restore the Queensland icon, the Big Pineapple Corp Ltd. is hoping to restore the Big Pineapple in the near future.

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Accessible along Nambour Connection Road

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