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The Famous Rock of Tondi

A large boulder was declared a local landmark by a popular vlogger. 


Small towns can be surrounded by beautiful scenery and nature, but are rarely known for their landmarks. This can lead to disappointment when one decides to randomly visit such a place, as was the case with the town of Tondi for vlogger Benjamin from Bald and Bankrupt.

During his first visit to the town, Benjamin was not impressed and complained about a lack of things to do in the location. This resonated with his fanbase, and became a meme of sorts, with people and news channels giving the place more attention. Not much changed until he returned a second time after being pressed by his viewers to explore further. During this exploration, Benjamin pointed out the great sights of Tondi, one of which he called the “great stone of Tondi.”

The name stuck and people started visiting the stone as a joke, making it more and more famous. Today, the stone has a website and can be found on many travel sites.

Now the question is, will you visit the great stone? 

Know Before You Go

The stone is freely accessible.

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