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The Faux Museum is permanently closed.

The Faux Museum

The home of the world's first and last remaining "wooly ant." 


The Faux Museum closed in January of 2015. Below is a description of it from when it was open.

The exact history of Portland’s Faux Museum is hard to pin down as it is conflated by near constant charlatanry and firmly held to fables, yet with such a whimsically eclectic museum one cannot expect anything less.

Among the few verifiable facts surrounding the site are that it was opened as a museum and art space in 1992 by the current curator, Tom Richards. The site hosts exhibits and displays that truly embody the city’s unofficial motto, “Keep Portland Weird.” With exhibits such as “The Monument of the 7th Dimension,” “Presidential Briefs: The Underwear of the Presidents,” and the jackalope-like “Wooly Ant,” the fake history and spurious science that adorns every surface of the museum creates an environment of whimsy and playful creation. Richards continues to update the space with new conceptual art pieces so there is always something new at the museum. Their commitment to exploring the absurd side of history is anything but fake. 

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