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The Hole

Long Bay Hills, Turks and Caicos Islands

A sinkhole known simply as "The Hole." 


The islands of Turks & Caicos have limestone foundations, so sinkholes are not uncommon, but none are as impressive as one known simply as “The Hole.”

On the island of Providenciales this sinkhole was discovered by road builders when they almost drove their equipment into the massive cavern. The Hole is about 50 feet across and 60 feet down to the water in the bottom. 

It is possible that it’s connected to the ocean, as it appears to be tidal. Locals say when it rains enough, you can jump into the hole as the water is deep enough. There is small opening a few yards away that leads into the hole as well—this is apparently how you get back out once you’ve jumped in. 

The sinkholes are caused by slightly acidic rain slowly eating away the limestone (the Karst process). The stone around the hole is soft and crumbly, and there are no guardrails, so tread carefully. 

Know Before You Go

Turn off the Long Bay Highway onto Sea Sage Hill Road, there will be a sign on a telephone pole that says "The Hole"

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