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This interstate-adjacent park is a rubbernecker’s dream. Since 2019, Indianapolis residents and visitors have been able to enjoy the “Crossroads of America” quite literally when visiting The Idle, an urban park located on the median between I-65 and I-70. Here visitors can sit in one of the stadium seats salvaged from Indianapolis’ former Bush Stadium and simply watch the traffic go by.

The construction of I-65 and I-70 permanently divided four southeast Indianapolis neighborhoods. Since then, great strides have been made to reconnect these areas, most notably with the completion of the Cultural Trail along Virginia Avenue. But even with this pedestrian-friendly addition to the city, Indianapolis residents still desired more green spaces to sit and relax. Thus, the Idle’s creator, Tom Battista, pinpointed a point right off the Cultural Trail, where I-65 and I-70 diverge, as an ideal location for a new park.

The park features a limestone trail leading to an interstate viewing area furnished with bright orange seats under an awning. The stadium-style seats were repurposed from Bush Stadium, a local baseball park. The park also features native vegetation, repurposed ash tree benches, and signage explaining the area’s history and concept behind The Idle.

Whether a person is stopping by for a quick rest, or a long afternoon of reflection, The Idle offers a quirky respite for all.

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