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The Kingdom of Somchai’s Affection

Ko Kut, Thailand

On the small Thai island of Ko Mak, there is a forgotten garden of erotic statuary. 


The little isle of Ko Mak off the shore of Thailand has a number of beautiful beaches to attract visitors, but not much of a steamy nightlife. There are, however, a whole bunch of erotic statues to keep you occupied. 

Inland from the lovely beaches that generally attract visitors to the island is the strange art garden known as The Kingdom of Somchai’s Affection. The naked, and often suggestively posed figures in the garden are the work of local artist Khun Somchai who created the sexualized figures long before the tourists came to the island. Exaggerated breasts and female genitalia are on full display in the garden, abstracted by the stone forms, but nonetheless sexualized. Many of the figures are configured as tables or strange fountains, but this generally serves to make the figures seem even more submissive. 

The naked art figures are found in a patch of woods down a stone path, the overgrowth obscuring some of the more lurid works in the collection from innocent passersby. Somchai’s old wooden house can also be found in the garden.

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On the end of the island down by Koh Mak Resort. There are sculptures of ladies pointing to the path in the woods.

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