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Mountaineers Hall of Fame

An unassuming plaque with a laminated poster shows the names of people who completed one of the most grueling journeys in Sweden. 


Next to the entrance of the Grövelsjöns Mountain Station is a map and several small plagues with name, time, distance, and different ways of traveling. This is the Fjällfaranas, or mountaineers, hall of fame hall of fame.

The challenge is to travel by your own power from Treriksröset at the most northern border of the Swedish mountain range to the southern party next to the Grövel lake, or if you wish, from the south to the north. A journey of at least 130 kilometers (80 miles) through the rough wilderness that must be completed without interruption or outside help. The names of those who have completed the challenge are marked with a white or green ribbon. The color of the ribbon represents the winter or summer, respectively.

Using skis, dog sled, or similar ways of travel are all acceptable to use but no motorized assistance is permitted. The journey is not a competition except with yourself. The goal is to experience nature to its fullest. There is no time limit, but the time in days will be published on the plaque. The trip can take one to three months to complete and is both a mental and physical challenge. 

The hall of fame was first established in 2010. Since then, upwards of 50 people have completed the journey and had their names added to the hall of fame.

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