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The Old Archiepiscopal Palace

In Old Goa, the former residence of the archbishop now houses a permanent exhibition. 


Among the Portuguese-era churches and convents of Old Goa, one will find several fascinating buildings.

To the northwest of the Se Cathedral, sharing a portion of the wall stands the Old Archiepiscopal Palace. It is mentioned in some historical accounts from the early 17th century. The Archbishops stayed in this palace until 1695 when it was moved to the suburb of Panelim.

Today, this former palace houses a permanent exhibition called “Pilgrimage of Faith.” One can visit the palace and view its inner halls and corridors, where a variety of historical artifacts related to the building and Old Goa are on display.

The Sessions Hall of the Canons is where members of the Goa Cathedral Chapter have been meeting since the construction of the palace. In the exhibition, visitors can also see a miniature model of the ship of Afonso De Albuquerque, a picture of the first printing press which came to Goa in 1556 to St. Paul’s College in Old Goa, a collection of notes and coins, along with several historical books and other artifacts.

Know Before You Go

The palace is located north west of Se Cathedral. Photography inside the exhibition within the palace premises has been prohibited.

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