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The Penguins at Kampa Park

A series of playful yellow penguins share a serious message about the environment.  


Standing in one single file line, 34 penguins flank a metal beam along the river of Vltava near Kampa Park in Prague. Despite their adorable stature, yellow hue, and tiny broad bellies, the penguins’ appearance comes with a warning against the dangers of climate change and plastic consumption. 

Created by the Cracking Art Group, a Milan-based art movement, the yellow penguins are all made from recycled bottles. “The penguin is a social animal and has a strong ecological meaning: its survival is affected by global warming and ice melting,” says the group’s website. “Despite being loved by many, this animal is constantly endangered by human technological progress that brings wellness to man but damage to the planet.”

The group’s choice to use plastic is not only for its aesthetic appeal and malleability, but also to show how the world is becoming increasingly artificial. By repurposing plastic, the group hopes to inspire new dialogues surrounding plastic waste and its impact on the environment. 

Other quirky sculptures are located just outside the nearby Museum Kampa (which houses modern European art), including David Černý’s arresting Babies sculptures. The eerie installation features three giant crawling babies san faces.  A walk through Kampa Park also offers views of Charles Bridge and the park is particularly popular during the summertime. 

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Be sure to check out the world-famous Kampa Park restaurant and dine in the Venetian balcony or heated riverside terrace.

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