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Dean Hill Cemetery

Burial ground for revolutionary veterans attracts tall tales, ghost hunters, not enough historians and preservationists. 


Officially called the Dean Hill Cemetary, and unofficially known as “The Rev” it started as a burial ground for Revolutionary Veterans and their families in 1791. Many stones have been stolen or broken. It’s not uncommon to see clumps of gravestones in piles.

As with many semi-abandoned cemeteries ghostly images have been reported for years, mostly of Revolutionary soldiers with glowing eyes. These are reported to happen between midnight and 3 am in the fall. There are rumors of a stone that read “Ye who stands upon thy grave, shall follow” though no evidence exists that such a stone is in the cemetery.

Much like the the ghost stories reports of animal sacrifices and bizarre sexual rituals have also been told for years. Old stories include teenagers fleeing the area on foot and 2 disappearing. In the late 80s/early 90s a rumor started that a ritual was performed there that opened a portal between worlds. Local legends also include a story of a man in his 20s found burned on the road. People have reported hearing loud screams at night.

Mostly, it’s just a beautiful old cemetery slowly falling into ruin.  

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