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Thermopolia of Pompeii

Ancient snack bar of the Roman Empire re-opened. 


The Thermopolia of Pompeii have been closed since 79 AD when the entire city was buried under masses of volcanic ash. But in 2010, one of these ancient fast-food restaurants was reopened to the public.

Before disaster struck the city, Pompeii had around 150 different thermopolia, which were long bar-like restaurants where people could grab a quick meal. There were so many in the city, that most residents didn’t cook for themselves, and going out to eat was the predominant food activity for the poor, or anyone who could not afford their own private kitchen.

Today, a quick tour of the Thermopolium ends with a sampling of Roman food, most notably baked cheese with honey, allowing modern day patrons to gather around the deli-like counter for some ancient fast-food.

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