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Three Natural Bridges

Not one, not two, but three natural bridges remain in this captivating spot post-sinkhole. 


In Chinese, their names translate into “Sky Dragon”, “Azure (or Green) Dragon”, and “Black Dragon.”

These stunning natural stone bridges were formerly caves until the ground collapsed, leaving “tiankengs” (sinkholes) and the breathtaking limestone arches known as Tiānshēng Sān Qiáo.

Calcite formations are still visible on some of the walls, and waterfalls with quaint names sprinkle down from on high. An outpost building seated between the first and second bridges was once used for a scene in the film Curse of the Golden Flower.

Tourism in this area is still developing, so those who stumble upon it find that this somewhat bemusing location is well worth a visit since it’s not yet swarming with tourists. If you do manage to find it, you will be treated to a ride in a glass elevator to save your legs from a healthy walk to reach the bridges. Or, if you like, you can use the steep, treacherous staircase, 1,000 steps in all.

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