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Toppenish Murals

Toppenish, Washington

Over 75 historically themed murals grace the walls of a small Washington city. 


Created in 1989 in honor of Washington State’s centennial celebration, the Toppenish Murals have grown to include over 75 paintings commemorating important events, historical figures, and everyday life in rural Washington between 1840 and 1940.

After the first mural was completed, a Mural Society was formed and the organization has completed more than 75 additional murals. On the first Saturday in June, the city hosts a “Mural-In-A-Day” event, where artists gather to complete an entire wall-sized masterpiece in a day. Hundreds of people come to watch the paint dry.

Today, visitors to the city of Toppenish, located 20 minutes outside of Yakima, can walk throughout the town and see the murals painted on the sides of buildings, walls, and stores. Each mural is accompanied by a short paragraph explaining the scene or person it depicts.

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The GPS and address lead to the mural outside Sears. Others are scattered throughout the city.

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