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Troll Falls

A stone troll guards the hike that leads to this waterfall. 


It’s not difficult to reach Troll Falls. Accessible in all seasons, the small waterfall is tucked away in the Kananaskis Country area of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. A person can hike to either the upper or lower falls depending on how energetic they are. But first, you must pass the troll.

The small waterfall is guarded by a figure that resembles a troll emerging from the rocks. While trolls are normally known to live under bridges, this one seems to have chosen to live by the falls. Different times of day will bring the lighting into play and the face changes slightly. People have also reported seeing smaller trolls hidden in the rocks around the area. Trying to spot all the trolls is a favorite activity for children.  A sharp-eyed person may also see the occasional troll figure hidden in the trees along the path.

The falls freeze over in winter but there always seems to be a flow of water under the ice. During the summer the flow varies with the amount of rain received in the area but the troll never seems to get wet.

Know Before You Go

The hike is about 3.4 km round trip and is suitable for all ages.  The route to the lower falls is relatively flat while there is some elevation change to get to the upper falls and caution must be taken on the steeper parts.  The weather in the area can change rapidly so hikers should be prepared for anything.

Directions: Take Highway 40 and turn on Mt Allen Drive.  Continue on this road for 1.0km, and take the right-hand turn for Stoney Trailhead. The road goes down and around to a parking lot.  From the parking lot follow the signs for Troll Falls Trail.

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