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Typhoon Restaurant is permanently closed.

Typhoon Restaurant

This California eatery has made a name for itself by embracing Asia's rich history of eating bugs. 


Passengers flying into the Santa Monica airport don’t have to settle for a Cinnabon or a stale sandwich from the Hudson News thanks to one of the only restaurants in America that serves gourmet insect dishes, the Typhoon Restaurant. 

While consuming insects is nothing strange in many Asian cultures, the trend has never caught on in Western cultures. However this hasn’t stopped Santa Monica’s Typhoon Restaurant from having sections of their menu devoted to “Insects” and “Amphibians.” From scorpions on shrimp toast to frog legs to ants on a hill of potatoes the restaurant is not afraid to bring the more alien dishes to US shores. After 20 years in business the scheme seems to be working, although the more traditional fare on the menu may be helping to subsidize the six-legged servings.   

Know Before You Go

Unfortunately Typhoon is now permanently closed.

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